About LocalPCGuy

Local PC Guy –
Website Developer, JavaScript Enthusist & Tech Geek

Local PC Guy is the professional and personal home on the web for me, Mike Behnke. I like to jot a few notes from time to time about things I find interesting in website development, tech and business, as well as other areas that interest me.


In 1999, I started Local PC Guy.  At that time, the business was focused on marketing telecommunications products, both offline and online.  As the Internet grew, we started learning how websites were built and designed, and what worked online and what didn’t.  We built a number of different websites during that time, learning what we needed for our business.

As I learned more, I helped others to develop their websites as well and found my passion.  I found that I greatly enjoy building custom website with standards-based code.  And so, Local PC Guy was born.

Why LocalPCGuy?

I don’t hate Macs, or have a tech-crush on PCs.  I used to do quite a bit of PC support locally, and got to calling myself LocalPCGuy and branding around that for a while.  It stuck, even though I no longer do PC repair or local computer support anymore except occasionally for friends/family.

What I do

Local PC Guy is a small 1-man operation, and I currently work full time. Due to that, I try to ensure projects are of a size I can deliver. If you have an interesting project that you need a mix of technical and marketing expertise, please contact me and I’ll see if it’ll be a good fit for both your project and my abilities.  If I can’t help, I may be able to refer you to someone who can. I tend to pick and choose any extra projects and tasks I can handle based on the things I have going on and how interesting they are. It isn’t fair to you or me if I get so overloaded I can’t give your project the time it deserves. I also need to be careful that nothing I take on would create a conflict of interest for me.

Website Development

  • Front-End, User Interface development
  • Work with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript (including Angular, Ember, jQuery)
  • Node.JS, ASP.Net or PHP
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) development or coaching
  • CMS development including WordPress

Consulting / Coaching

  • Coaching / consulting on website needs
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) training
  • Website or Internet Marketing coaching / consulting
  • Business technical training (i.e. Website administration, assistance hiring an outside agency)

PC Computer repair

  • I no longer offer PC repair services

Contacting me

Feel free to reach out to me via Twitter or Email for help, comments or to otherwise interact with me.