Blogging for fun

I’ve been meaning to post to my blog off and on for a while, and I always ended up at the writing panel without a clue what I wanted to write. And then 6 months would go by, without anything new.

Well, that time to over. I plan to post my thoughts here at a minimum weekly, and I am publicly committing myself to that in this, my inaugural post. Of course, “publicly” is a little bold, as I have a visitor count approaching zero.

So what will I write about? I will be writing about web development topics – Front End development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript will likely dominate the technical posts, although I may drop in some C# or PHP once in a while when I learn sometime cool. I also plan to write about the things I find cool, whether new products or techniques.

And once in a while I reserve the right to go off on a rant, although I’ll remind myself right here that this public forum is not the proper place to rant about personal or workplace issues. The tone will stay professional.

And while I won’t always end with a quote, I do like to quote those more articulate than myself. And in this case, this applies:

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”
~Napoleon Hill