Blog theme updated

Getting back to posting more often, and wanted a simple but clean theme. Found one that will do the job with minor customization. While I have the capacity to build my own theme from scratch, I’d agonize over the details, and this lets me focus on the content instead.

Blogging for fun

I’ve been meaning to post to my blog off and on for a while, and I always ended up at the writing panel without a clue what I wanted to write. And then 6 months would go by, without anything new.

Well, that time to over. I plan to post my thoughts here at a minimum weekly, and I am publicly committing myself to that in this, my inaugural post. Of course, “publicly” is a little bold, as I have a visitor count approaching zero.

So what will I write about? I will be writing about web development topics – Front End development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript will likely dominate the technical posts, although I may drop in some C# or PHP once in a while when I learn sometime cool. I also plan to write about the things I find cool, whether new products or techniques.

And once in a while I reserve the right to go off on a rant, although I’ll remind myself right here that this public forum is not the proper place to rant about personal or workplace issues. The tone will stay professional.

And while I won’t always end with a quote, I do like to quote those more articulate than myself. And in this case, this applies:

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”
~Napoleon Hill