Refection of 2012; Planning for 2013 – My 4 C’s

Ah, the end of the year.  Looking back and reflecting; looking forward and planning.  It’s a time when you can put the past in perspective and the future starts to come into focus.  In 2013, I’ll be focused on what I’m calling the 4 C’s.  Create more, consume less, contribute to others, and (self-)control.  But first, I want to reflect a little on 2012.  This post is mainly for me to reflect on, but I welcome any comments, criticism or support any readers may have (@LocalPCGuy.)

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Become an Iconoclast, be irreplaceable. Self-Engineer.

Two of the takeaways from the 1DevDay Detroit conference 11/17/2012.

I wrote up my thoughts and takeaways on the 1DevDay Detroit conference for the Enlighten blog, and you can find the post here:

Enlighten 1DevDay Blog Post

I just wanted to expand for just a moment on the keynotes.  They weren’t technical.  You probably didn’t learn anything that would significantly impact your coding ability.  But they were, in many ways, the most important thing that was presented at the conference.  Both keynotes, if the principles are applied to our daily lives, would impact our life success far more than a little tip on the newest coding language.

So I urge people to take talks like these to heart.  Apply the practical points the speakers give, and continue to appreciate self-improvement just as much as technical detail.