SelfConference, chance to learn and to speak

A big thank you to the organizers of SelfConference ’14 in Detroit, MI.  It was held at Cobo, in the recently revamped section, and it was quite nice!  The conference had some great sessions and I had the exciting opportunity of presenting at one of them.

On Friday, I enjoyed talks about owning your own career in the development industry, why you should actively try to piss people off, working with Sass, a bit about Ember and also how to Quantify myself.

On Saturday, it was a bit of a blur as I was concerned about speaking at 2PM, for the session entitled Blind Faith and Best Practices, a talk about front-end best practices and attempting to get developers to research the why behind them rather than blindly following what someone says is a best practice.  That said, I still learned about making the web secure by default, the emerging world of DevOps and a bit about Ionic.  I also sat in on the How to Build a Time Machine talk by Adam Kempa and Karen Ford, a case study of the WhatWasThere website build.

Overall, this weekend was quite enjoyable, and the credit for that goes to the organizers of the conference. Looking forward to future years and watching how the dev. community in Detroit continues to explode.